Madzikane KaZulu

Madzikane was the founder and a King of the Bhaca people. Before him his father's tribe was known as AbakwaZelemu but after Madzikane had united many multitudes of deferent people and deferent tribes his nation was known as amaBhaca consisting of many tribes including amaZulu akwaZelemu, amaWushe, amaNqolo,amaNzelu, amaZizi, amaNjilo,abaseNhlwangini, amaQwabe, abaThembu etc.

Madzikane's father was Khalimeshe. His first born was crown prince SONYANGWE followed by prince NCAPHAYI. However because of the Mfecane wars, Sonyangwe the crown prince was burnt to death at night in his hut by traitors from the Memela who were vassalls of the amaBhele of uMdingi who were subjects of King Madzikane while King Madzikane was still reigning. Therefore prince Sonyangwe died at Rode before he became King of amaBhaca. Soon after Sonyangwe's death King Madzikane died, but before he died he split the Kingdom of the Bhacas between his deceased crown prince and his ever alive mighty warrior son prince Ncaphayi. Therefore on the death of King Madzikane, prince Ncaphayi was crowned King of all amaBhaca but because his elder brother Sonyangwe had left behind two sons in Natal i.e prince Mdutyane and prince Thiba. King Ncaphayi was obliged to share the throne with Sonyangwe's heir.

When prince Mdutyane was only 21, king Ncaphayi died in a war against the amaMpondo King Faku. The crown prince Mdutyane was crowned King of all the amaBhaca tribes and hence became the supreme ruler of the whole amaBhaca nation consisting of more than forty four deferent tribes scattered all over from southern natal to beyond the Umzimvubu river. The young King Mdutyana had huge feet to fill and disliked war and therefore took a huge fraction of the tribe and went back to Umzimkhulu where he had been raised. He left the House of king Ncaphayi i.e prince Diko, prince Makaula etc to reign independently from him as was ordered by the great king Madzikane. King Mdutyana became the king over all the tribes in the Umzimkhulu, Harding, Bulwer, Underberg and IXopo districts while King Ncaphayi's heirs became the supreme rulers in the whole Mount Frere district and over other minor clans beyond the Mount Frere border.

King Mdutyana took many wives and had many sons and daughters. The great and senior house Indlu Enkulu gave birth to crown prince Cijisiwe who was not favoured by king Mdutyane to succeeed the throne ,Xaxaza and Maqaba are all sons of maNgwandlu the great wife. Then from the second wife (Indlu yekunene) was prince Nomtsheketshe who was hand picked by king Mdutyane as the crown prince to the amaBhaca nation, then from the third wife (Iqadi lendlu enkulu) was prince Msingapantsi.king Mdutyane sent prince Nomtsheketshe to Mount Frere to live with his brother Makaula for protection from witchcraft of the great wife. King Mdutyane died suddenly before the age of 40 while all his sons were young and while there was still a dispute regarding his heir therefore his brother prince Thiba became Regent King of the amaBhaca nation of Umzimkhulu and Natal. Regent King Thiba made the Bhacas very powerful and defeated all the neighbouring native tribes in Umzimkhulu and Natal including the troublesome Nhlangwini's of Fodo kaNombewu. Thiba was as ruthless as his uncle King Ncapai had been. When Nomtsheketshe had become of age he returned to Umzimkhulu, Thiba seemed to favour Cijisiwe to be the King whereas some tribes under the Bhacas favoured prince Nomtsheketshe therefore a war broke out between the sons of Mdutyane. Thiba and Cijisiwe formed an army against Nomtsheketshe and Msingapantsi however Thiba and Cijisiwe were defeated and sent into exile by Nomtsheketshe and Msingapantsi in association with the Griquas. Therefore prince Nomtsheketshe became the King of the amaBhaca nation but it was not for long because new laws had come into existence in Bhacaland or in the Bhaca kingdom which had now been formally recognised by the English as Griqualand East. King Nomtsheketshe burnt one of his subjects to death for practising witchcraft and was exiled from Bhacaland/ Griqualand East by the English Governors for refusing to be tried in a court of law. In his absence King Nomtsheketshe abdicated the throne and crowned his ally and brother prince msingapantsi of Iqadi leNdlu enkulu as King of the Umzimkhulu Bhacas and King of the great house of King Madzikane, it is worth noting that according to customary law in the event of the great house being absent the son of iqadi assumes the throne, Till this day the house of King Mdutyana is separated and there is ill will between the amabhaca of natal and the amabhaca of umzimkhulu. King Nomtsheketshe went into exile in pondoland but was later accommodated by his uncles King Makaula and Diko in mountfrere where he was given land to settle with his five sons and followers. King Shaka of the amaZulu nation was born by the wife of iqadi to the great house and took a spear and killed the son born by the great wife of king Senzangakhona so it is no deferent with the amaBhaca nation of Africa

King Ncapayi had many wives. The great and senior house (FIRST WIFE and Indlu Enkulu)of Ncapayi gave birth to DIKO and SOGONI, from the second wife (Indlu yekunene) was Makaula, the third wife (Iqadi lendlu enkulu) was Dabula. The Kingdom of Bhacas is currently being revived by the great house of Ncapayi, Inkosi Madzikane II Thandisizwe Diko. The home of the Bhacas and the Kingdom is in Mount Frere, KwaBhaca in the Eastern Cape.

Ncapayi is said to have been a fearless freebooter, a diplomat of note who showed even more intelligence than his father.

According to Rev. Soga, during the same year in which Ncapayi’s father –Madzikane – was killed, Ncaphayi entered Tembuland to avenge his father’s death. The Thembus under King Ngubengcuka made an ineffectual stand and the Bhacas swept away a large number of cattle (Soga, p. 443)

Before King Madzikane died and because of the relationship he had with King Faku, he advised his son to temporarily be a tributary King in Pondoland. He indeed did that and Faku at this time welcomed the Bhacas as this also coincided with the arrival of Nqetho, a Chief of the Qwabes who had moved from Natal running away from King Tshaka’s army because he could not serve under King Dingane. When he entered Pondoland and tried to secure land by violence, Faku was anxious to rid him out and therefore secure assistance from Ncaphayi to eject Nqetho. AmaBhaca drove them away back into Natal and Dingane issued an instruction to kill Nqetho

The Thembus defeat by the Bhacas discussed above, also led to Faku making an arrangement with Ncapayi when Pondos wanted to attack the Thembus. They entered Thembuland on three successive occasions and each time their raid was a success. Ncapayi is said to have been a fearless freebooter that was respected by many nations

Soga asserts that cupidity is said to have been the force that brought Faku and Ncapayi to work together. It is also cupidity that is said to have destroyed their good working relationship. Because they were both strong, it became difficult to know which one more powerful that the other. The freebooter attacked Nyanda, the Right Hand section of the Phondos under Ndamase, the son of Faku. He raided Nyanda successfully. Meanwhile the alarm had been raised with Faku and therefore Faku assembled a powerful army and this came up with the Bhacas and attacked them on all sides. Faku drove the Bhacas before him on the ridge kuNowalala. Ncaphayi was wounded and forced over the rock, falling on to a ledge some distance from the Bottom. He was in helpless condition with both arms broken, besides a severe assegai wound. He laid there for days, persuading those who came to look at him to put an end to his misery and kill him. No one could do this until Faku gave orders that he must be killed. Thus the death of Madzikane’s son, king Ncapayi in 1845.

In about 1837 Boers arrived in Natal with herds of cattle and the Bhacas saw an opportunity to attack and raid. Between 1837/39/40, the Boers are said to have been fighting in Natal when the Bhacas teamed up with the Bushmen and raided.
In about February 1838 the Boers settled in the upland of Natal and had successfully set the foundation upon which they could erect the Republic of Natalia, which after their victories over Dingane, they extended northward to uMfolozi and St. Lucia Bay (Blue Book on Native Affairs, 1885). The Boers had managed to get into arrangements with other Kings but and therefore did not consider them as potential enemies anymore. For an example they considered King Faku as friendly King and rated Ncapayi as having a powerful military and also a threat.

When the Boers came back, they decided to attack the Bhacas (Bryant, p. 400) and raided 700 and 50 horses (Nchanga, 119). This is said to have provided the spark for the British intervention in the Bhaca land (At this time this land had become part of Natal). There is still an area near the town of Maclear which is still called Ncapayi land (Kapayi land – because they could not pronounce “Nca”).

By 1845 the Bhacas had already been stripped off their Kingdom through Maitland Treaty. Ncapayi, the First Enemy in the Maitland Treaty dies and was survived by his first son from his great wife, Diko. But Diko is to be reduced to a headman later on.

INkosi Diko was a hero, a stubborn and a fearless leader of courage. He led amaBhaca nation for 35 years from 1845 to 1880 after the death of his father iKumkani Ncapayi ka Madzikane. INkosi Diko was the grand-son of King Madzikane ka Zulu.

iNkosi Diko was a fierce leader who fought against the annexation of the land by the British Colonial Government and he even resisted handing over amaBhaca nation to become British subjects. As a result of his resistance to the oppressive rule of the colonisers he never became the favourite of colonial government of his time. That government could not stand him and they decided to overthrow in 1880. The oppression of Diko’s house has been felt by all eight (8) generations, for a period of 130 years.

According to the writings of Anderson Mhlawuli Makaula (1988), by virtue of birth and according to tradition, Diko was the heir to iKumkani Ncaphayi, but, because of some councillors of amaBhaca who liked Mamjucu, the mother of Makaula, she was fraudulently made a great wife, hence her son attained chieftainship. Makhohlisa (the mother of Diko and Sogoni) who was Ncaphayi’s wife of the great house (uNdlunkulu), was not loved by these councillors, hence they plotted against her.

It happened that Ncaphayi had killed a man in one of the Mfecane battles and according to amaBhaca tradition, iNkosi was not supposed to have any contact with his wives until he had undergone some medical treatment. A separate accommodation was to be provided for him. Ncaphayi was then placed in isolation for a stipulated period. It was further conspired by the councillors under Qulu Siwela that the wife who goes to cook for iNkosi Ncaphayi in isolation and conceives during that period would be the one who would give birth to the chief that would succeed Ncaphayi after his death.

The councillors first went to uNdlunkulu Makhohlisa, (Diko and Sogoni’s mother) and deceived her that she must not dare put her foot in the isolation place where Ncaphayi was sleeping, because this would weaken her sons and thus cause death by assegai among her children. This sounded reasonable to Makhohlisa. Thereafter the same councillors went to advised Mamjucu, (the second wife) to go and cook for iNkosi Ncaphayi in the isolation place. She acted as instructed and her son, Makaula was then made iNkosi of amaBhaca.

Ever-since then, because of this conspiracy, this trick and treachery, the Great House of Ncaphayi has suffered a great deal of disrespect, degradation and injustice throughout generations that followed.

After iNkosi Ncaphayi’s death Diko (his first and eldest son) led amaBhaca from 1845. iNkosi Diko was always in conflict with the British Government and he blatantly refused the annexation of the land of amaBhaca nation. When the British supremacy pervaded the Transkei territory during the 1860s, the government pioneered the annexation of the Transkeian territories. Amakhosi were to give up their power and paramount and become subjects of the British Colonial government. Magistrates were to take over the power from amaKhosi, especially those who refused submitting their nations to be under the British rule. iNkosi Diko was one of those traditional leaders who resisted and he was then overthrown as iNkosi, deposed and made headman by the colonial government in 1880.
Battles were fought throughout this period, for an example, a friend to iNkosi Diko was iNkosi Mhlontlo of amaMpondomise who is said to have killed a magistrate at Qumbu in resistance against such annexation. Other amaKhosi who accepted annexation were rewarded for their loyalty to the oppressive colonial government and eventually they were looked after and treated well by the colonial government.
The plan to destroy any trace of iNkosi Diko and his descendants has prevailed over generations after this great hero had died. Even today, Diko’s files, from iNkosi Diko himself, Qoza ka-Diko, Mthakathi ka-Qoza, Mabhijela ka-Mthakathi, Dingumhlaba ka-Mabhijela and Mzawugugi ka-Dingumhlaba (all the descendants of Diko) have been removed from the archives in Mthatha. The big question is: What happened to these files and where are they?
AmaBhaca are mainly found in the small towns such as Mount Frere, uMzimkhulu, Xopo and some surrounding areas. The isiBhaca language is a mixture of isiXhosa, isiZulu and isiSwati. The language of isiSwati was influenced by the fact that King Madzikane’s mother was from one of the Royal Houses of the Swatis of aMalambo. He grew up within the Swatis from his mother’s side and therefore spoke the language. Although he accepts that he is not an authority on this, Jordan, A.C. (1953) argues also assets that in the traditional history of the Bhacas, “uDlamini and kwaDlamini” figure a great deal (P.5). He further states that the Bhaca language was stifled to death chiefly by isiXhasa through, amongst others, schools and churches and that a large number of enlightened Bhacas were taught to look down upon their mother tongue.

Diko is the first son of Ncapayi, (Makhohlisa a daughter of Dzanibe clan was the first wife of Ncapayi) with his younger brother Sogoni from the first wife of Ncaphayi. The younger brother from the second wife was Inkosi Makaula followed by Inkosi Dabula and others from other younger wives. Inkosi Madzikane ll Diko is the Crown Prince of iNkosi Dilizintaba, ka Dingumhlaba, ka Mabhijela i, ka kaMthakathi, kaQoza ka Diko ka Ncaphayi, ka Madzikane, ka Khalimeshe, ka Vebi, ka Wabane, ka Didi, ka Zulu, ka Ntombela, ka Malandela, ka Dlungwana, ka Ndaba.

INkosi Madzikane II Thandisizwe Diko is currently the Head of the kwaBhaca/LuBhacweni Traditional Council at ELundzini Royal Kraal, Ncunteni Great Place, LuBhacweni A/A in Mount Frere, KwaBhaca.

AmaBhaca were therefore stripped off their dignity and their Kingdomship by the Colonial Powers, the Boers, the Griquas and later on, the apartheid systems did not make it any better. The home of the Bhacas is in Mount Frere, while other Bhacas who went back to KwaZulu are in Mzimkhulu and Ixopo under the Zulu Kingdom.




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    Woow em so proud to be Ibhacakazi!!!!!!Iused to underestimate our tribe due to the mixture of the language that we speak nw that v read this all is clear.


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      September 24, 2017 at 3:38 pm

      AmaBhaca nobukhosi bawo banqotshwa inkosi uFaku wamaMpondo ngakho amaBhaca kungenzeka abe nobukhosi obungaphansi kweKumkane yamaXhosa, angeke azimele wona

    Nqobile I Shazi

    July 5, 2012 at 3:38 pm

    Ngithanda ukubonga kakhulu ngomsebenzi wenu omuhle wokugcina umlando wemvelaphi yethu singama Bhaca ngoba abaningi bethu abayazi ihistory
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    phela nginesikibha esibhalwe 100% Bhaca Warrior kodwa uma umuntu engibuza invelaphi yawo ngiphendula kodwa ngingeneliseki ngempendulo engiyiphendulayo ngibonga kakhulu.

    Nqobile From UMzimkhulu { NMZ }

    Zolani Ngqwala

    September 28, 2012 at 3:38 pm

    Bravo for bringing back the kingdom where it belongs, yes for so many years, the the Dikos and Sogonis were no where in the Baca history, that I can I also agree with you.

    Keep going with your vision and wisdom


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    We appriciate guys continue the good work. Amandla ngawethu!!!!!

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      August 16, 2015 at 3:38 pm

      Siyabonga ngokusitshela ngomlando wamaBhaca. Siya ku jabulela lokho.Ngifuna ukufunda ilimilesiBhaca.Nayi inamba yami 076 454 0872


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    Kubalulekile ukuthi umlando siwubhale ngokweqiiso. AmaBhaca neNhlangwini yizizwe ezohlukene. Akusilona iqiniso ukuthi AmaBhaca consist of amaZizi nabase Nhlangwini. UMduyana akazenge aba yinkosi yazozonke izizwe zaseMzimkhulu okanye e Harding

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    November 27, 2013 at 3:38 pm

    I’m glad that someone has our history. Some do not recognise us as people but now I know where I come from. Good work guys. Thank u for this valuable info.

    Loyiso Cita

    December 24, 2013 at 3:38 pm

    I would like to know about the origin of the Chita/Cita family among the amaBhaca. How did they become iinkosi of Lutshikini and other villages if any? If you have knowledge of their family tree I would appreciate that as well.


    siyabonga njilo

    January 20, 2014 at 3:38 pm

    Ngyabonga kakhulu ngalo qopha mlando enisicazela wona ngoba nje besise bumnyameni futhi mina bengingazi ukuthi mekukhulunywa ngama bhaca ukucazwani kodwa manje sengiyazi mina ngwase (NMZ) uphumamuncu kwabombo

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    April 19, 2014 at 3:38 pm

    really feel inspired .i only know that ndili bhacakazi but a capetonian .my mom is full blooded xhosa and my father is bhaca who passed away in 1999. the only thing i know is that ndinguMazulu and im from kwabhaca elitateni.Id love to come one day


    May 21, 2014 at 3:38 pm

    kumnandzi ukutiphathsa kahle siyohlala senta nje


    May 22, 2014 at 3:38 pm

    This is great. My mother is from among Bhaca people. Mna ndili Mpondo. My great grand mother from eMangqamzeni in Mount Frere used to dispute and strongly dislike the Zulu link. She maintained that amaBhaca had nothing to do with amaZulu other than the bitter wars. She called herself a descendant of Zelemu. I see these days that Madzikane is listed as a son of Zulu. How true is this? Does that mean then that Tshaka was right in claiming Bhaca people as his? I have always been raised to believe that Bhaca people are strong and fiercely independant people. Help me here.

    Philani Dzanibe

    June 29, 2014 at 3:38 pm

    Thanks to this piece of information. Kwandze kobhale lomlandzo. Kumnandzi ukuba liBhaca.

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    September 9, 2014 at 3:38 pm

    @ Kaya ndincume ndedwa kwelicala xa ndisiva uzithutha ngoluhlobo.Ndim lowo Mabhengu, Thanana, Funeka , Ganeka, Qubulashe, Moya,Wushe. Apho sime khona kulendlu yakwa Tshaka sise Qhina eJojweni ukanti abanye baku Gatyane.

    Mandla Diko

    September 10, 2014 at 3:38 pm

    Kwaze kwamnandi ukubaliswa kwembali yamaBhaca ndingumzukulwana kaNcaphayi.My late father who just passed on in August he had a passion about imvelaphi yakhe, even his first born my elder brother is Ncaphayi Diko. I was honoured to see & chat with King Madzikane II at my father’s funeral who I last saw in 1986 in Lusikisiki where we grew up.Ndifisa amaBhaca ahlangane abeyimbumba and a nation to be reckoned with kutsho mna “Zulu kaNtombela;Vebi Wabane,Nofisa; Khalimeshe;Nomsunwana;Mafulela kaMadzikane kaMageba ndisatshaya”.


    September 13, 2014 at 3:38 pm

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      TI Mjoli

      August 17, 2015 at 3:38 pm

      Asingedukisani kakhulu , asingabhali ngomlando ekuthi kanti sifuna uvune thina , Asiqapheleni lokhu:
      1. Amabhaca aphuma kebenguni ababizwa ngabe- Ntungwa nguni .
      2. Wonke amabhaca aphuma ku Lufulwenja , wazala amadodana amabili.
      3. Omdala u Wushe kanti omncane u Zelemu.
      4. Wushe-Bekwa- Mjoli-Phathwa-Mbedu-Godongwana-Hlathi- Nonhinhi- Qubulashe- Fafaza- no Kholwa okwakhe-Mbongwa-Ngcwelekazi baningi ngeke ngiqede odinga ulwazi angalucela especially ngomlando.
      5. Zelemu -Vebi-Wabane -Khalimeshe -Madzikane -Sonyagwe-Mdutyana -Cijisiwe(Senior)noMtsheketshe baningi ngeke ngaqeda asizameni ukulandelisisa singalandeli okosilahla
      6. Kokwenzeka kanjani ukuba ubu King buthathwe omncane ekhona omdala.
      7. Asizameni sibhale ngokokuzalana kwethu yikhona solandelisa uzalo ngendlela eqondileyo

        Bongani Faye

        April 11, 2016 at 3:38 pm

        Mna ndinguMjoli iWushe,I just need some clarity on some issues if you can help me.1)Where do you guys get all this information from,what are your sources? 2)The way you have listed Wushe-Bekwa-Mjoli…up to the last one.Is this their true order of their geonology or you have just listed them because I would love to know the true background of this clan-name.I tried to phone you on that 073 number but could not get through.Can you please help.

    Nosipho Zulu

    October 17, 2014 at 3:38 pm

    Hmmm I feel honoured and proud of being a Bhaca,I had no idea coz I grew up ethekwini so if I say my village is eXopo kwanokweja and if the person know my village they will ohhhh uyiBhaca wena,I had no idea wheather it a good thing or not to be a Bhaca ngisabe!!!but not im going to be very proud of myself for being a Bhaca generation!!!lol Khalimeshe hahahaha,now I know who I am!!!!!

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    Into enhle iyanconywa.Siyabonga ukuthi nisicobelele ufalaza onone kangaka.Nathi singamaNguni akwaNcobela yisingxenye yesizwe esawela uThukela, uMsunduzi noMzimkhulu namabutho esizwe samaBhaca. Mina kwindlu yakithi sazinza Ofafa eXobho elimantente sibe sivela kwaMaphumulo.Ngakithi saziwa ngokuthi uMnguni omhlophe , oShawuza oshisayo.

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    Ndingu Mjoli , Wushe , Qubulashe Ndohle Nonina Bekwa Godongwane iBhaca lo qob with a bar coded face Aaaaaah Tlolengwe

    Shiyah Ncosa

    May 29, 2015 at 3:38 pm

    Sbonge kakhulu ngomlando kodwa kumele kwaziwe ukuthi umbuso wamaBhaca wohlukene kabili.1 indlu ka Sonyangwe(inkosi uMdutshane) e Mzimkhulu amaBhaca akhuluma isizulu n who r regarded as zulus,evin though Bhaca wer never under Shaka Zulu bt bcoz of da language dt ooMcijisile no Nomtsheketshe n Msingaphansi dt dey hv adopted “isizulu” den makes all pipul of mzimkhulu n ixobho zulus.on da other hand kukhona enye indlu yasemabhaceni whch is da second house 2 indlu ka Ncaphayi(inkosi uDiko) e Mount frere amaBhaca akhuluma isiXhosa, evin though bhacas wer never under xhosas at all bt bcoz of da language dt Ncapayi,Diko n his descendents dt hv adopted ‘isixhosa’ makes dem xhosas.kunomlando owahlukene amongst bhacas ukuthi omuhle wanted a kanjani kwabhaca,Take note zulus r pipul who wer under Shaka Zulu n same goes to Xhosas r pipul who r under Tshawe or Hintsa.kukhona ukukhonziswa best kubakhona ukuzikhonzisa,eg zange ufakwe ngaphansi kwalesosizwe kodwa wathatha ulwimi,nokugqoka nokugqoka kwaso. Ngaleyondlela uzikhonzisile kulesosizwe,yile eyenziwa yithi mabhaca.angaz y a bantu bangaqondi ukuthi amabhaca wase Mzimkhulu angamaZulu ngobuzwe,nokuthi awase Mount Frere angamaXhosa.umuntu uyakwazi ukuyzwisisa indaba yabaThembu baseMsinga abakaNgoza “Mvelase” uma bethi bay isizwe sabaThembu n nt amazulu,whc in actual fact n ngomlando zange babe ngaphansi kuka Shaka bt now r days dey r referred to as amaZulu ngobuzwe n da is no problem wid dt.Madzikane himself by referring to himself as ka Zulu,he meant dt h ws a servant of Zulu n dt he ws under Zulu.remember Madzikane’s surname/clanname ws nt Zulu bt Zelemu.erespective of da fact badabuka kwaZulu “isbongo” remember Zelemu ws fathered by Lufulwenja who ws fathered by Mageba da twin brother of Phunga ka Zulu.descendents of Zelemu referred to demselvs as abakwaZelemu n nt Zulu.wonke amaqhawe r praised by da forefathers ie Shaka Zulu “Dlungwane ka Ndaba” same applies to Madzikane h ws suppose to b call by hs greate grandfather “Wabane”. umuntu wakwa Mdutshane,Diko,Makaula akasiye uZulu ngesthakazelo kepha uZelemu futhi yilapho aphelela khona uma ebongwa unless usemzimkhulu den unguMzulu ngobuzwe bt if use Mount frere unguMxhosa ngobuzwe in general n let’s b realistic ayikho into okuthiwa isibhaca thina abasemzimkhulu asilahlekanga uma sithi singamazulu”sizikhonzisile plans kuka Zulu” nabase mount frere nabo abaphazami uma bethi bangamaxhosa ngoba nabo bazikhonzisile phansi kuka Xhosa. Nokho kukhona into nje esasihlanganisa igama lol uBhaca kuphela.ziningi izinkosi ezikhona e mzimkhulu bt dnt b flattered u mzimkhulu indaba yabantwana bakaMadzikane bt who r under Zulus n as well as Mount frere indawo yabantwana bakaMadzikane who r under Xhosas. Mdutshane ka Sonyangwe uNozibunyana ezincane ngenxa yokuswela zonal Tholelesilo ngoba yisilo ngokwaso Bayede Madzikane ka Wabane Ndabezitha wena ka Ndaba


      September 20, 2015 at 3:38 pm

      Hai smwhr sme hw u ar wrng ,thr z a lnguage of bhaca pepul same as Mpondo pepul do hv thr lnguage nd if thy do xhosa at skul dasnt myk thm Xhosa

      TI Mjoli

      December 15, 2016 at 3:38 pm

      The olden times in Zululand and Natal by AT Brayant page 374
      History by WP Leary page 623
      Ethnic Composition by Jackson page 44
      The Zulu aftermath by JD Omer-Cooper page 156
      Full text of ” The Annals of Natal 1495 to 1845

      Ngicela nibheke


    June 3, 2015 at 3:38 pm

    Interesting but it does not mention the battle between amaBaca ka Madzikane (bekunye no Nondzaba) and the Zulu at Ntsizwa Mountains wherein the Zulu were defeated. Wathi uMadzikane “mina izintsizwa zika Shaka ngizozishaya ngesandla esisodwa”. kutsho Umbathane Matshaya Nondzaba.

    Shiyah Ncosa

    June 19, 2015 at 3:38 pm

    @Phalo yo grandma ws ryt Zelemu n Zulu ayikho la badibsna khona except kwimfazwe,da so called “Bhacas” r mentally n spiritually enslaved by Shaka’s word of calling dem Bhacas,so dey got confused to a point wer dey lost their own identity of being proud Zelemis who defited Zulus,so nw dey “Bhacas/Zulus inside their minds n enslaved themselves to Shaka”in actually fact Shaka rules in their minds n souls bt kip on calling demselvs Zulus.i wl make an example a white man calling a Kaffer, da white man takes pride by calling u dt n dt dnt take pride bt u bcm angry n feel disrespected n eventually u go into a fyt wid hm n overpower/ defeat hm.u wl take in yo own clan n tribe name n u Wl kip da name uttered by dt white person,den da white boys useless to u “dt mind h bums a Kaffer to u”. Same applies to Zelemus,w nid to take note dt king Gobiswano Zelemu ddnt call himself or hs pipul “Bhaca/amabhaca” bt dt Shaka call Gobiswano”iBhaca” n da pipul under Gobiswano n made Gobiswano angry n retaliated by using Zulu to disrespect Shaka bt not to min dt Gobiswano is Zulu by clan name.da battle in Ntsizwa tgivs us a direction dt da person whom eventually “Fleed/ran away n hide in hs place ws Shaka n hs pipul bcoz hs actions of withdrawing hs army ws an act cowardice n fleeing coz h went to hide in kwaZulu n eventually proven wrong dt iBhaca/Fleeing nguye.Da Zulus wer defited by da mighty amaZelemu nt Bhacas coz Bhacas r Zulus.I dnt knw y is it a problem for da people of my Tribe amaZelemu to take pride in our Tribe name “Zelemu” bt mistakenly taking pride in Shaka’s name “Bhaca”.I wl ask a question to my people ‘is da a stigma or an emberussment or shame in da name/ word Zelemu? 2 if u dnt use n uplift yo own clan names n Tribe name as Zelemus,den who mst use them?.My advise is dt da current King n hs advisers mst sit down n dwell deeply about dis n rectify dis mistake n bring bek da kingdom of amaZelemu n nt Bhaca bcoz Bhaca r Zulus who run away from Zelemus.gv accurate names of da Land of amaZelemu eg da place of iChabane wch is called u Mzimkhulu whch is nw refers to as Kwa Zulu or NMZ”Natal Mzimkhulu Zululand” instead of Natal Mzimkhulu Zelemuland bcoz dis is hw it should b called coz it belongs to Zelemus nt Zulus.Da iXopo as well it should b NXZ “Natal Xopo Zelemuland. The da place in eastern cape dt is known as Mount Frere to b name by da name dt king Gobiswano gave it “Mbondzeni”,take note as people r busy wid Rhodes mst fall campaign it shld b taken to consideration dt Mount frere is a name given by whites bt da amaZelemu king n dt it shut b known dt eastern cape dies not belong to Xhosas alone bt sam parts like Mbondzeni blogs to Zelemus.then wt is nw Mount Frere should b called ” Eastern Cape Mbondzeni Zelemuland” as well as Kokstud mst b given an appropriate name.@Melikhaya since sinato itidzuko don’t make you a profound 1,mna ndzingu Bhuku,Sinqashe,Nkamangana Mfazi webelelidze elancelisa ingane phesheya komfula I Zelemu loqobo.Nondzaba of amaXesibe ws never in a battle kunye namaZelemu n ws never a King,yo sources r giving u wrong information Jst lyk da who says Mdutshane ws Gobuswano’s son,dt is wrong Mdutshane ws Sonyangwe’s son n Sonyangwe ws Gobiswano’s (Madzikane’s) son.same applies to dowz who say Nondzaba of amaXesibe ws a king dt is wrong bcoz only 3 people in da Xesibe house r born from da greate house 1st uMganu owabongelelwa ngokuthsi u Sabela uyabizwa emazibukwenu,2cnd u Sinama owabongelelwa ngokuthsi uMalandelwa yintombi,3 u Jojo owabitwa ngokuthsi uMdaka omnyama ongeva sepia. uNondzaba uzakwa kwendlu endzala yena noNtozabantu,noNzuza.Nondzaba wabitwa ngokuthsi uMatshina ayibheka njengomntwana n hs ws never a king of Xesibes let alone uMbathane”Bhathane” yena ke hs born from eqadini lendlu enkulu wadze yena watala uKhandanyawana”Khondonyawana”. Da King of amaZelemu ws Gobiswano n dyamaWushe wer under amazelemu n king Gobiswano recognized Sondzaba of ama Wushe as chief of ama Wushe bt nt amazelemu.amazelemu r a superior Tribe amongst all tribes who live under amazelemu including Wushes,so Sondzaba ws nt King to Gobiswano bt king to ama Wushe onlly.Mganu,Snama,Nondzaba died long ago before sam of their descendents lyk joined under Zelemu so plz cn facts ryt ungalokhu ukuba kuphindzwe I Bali ledabi lake Ntsizwa kanintiin 1 version,dts an ignorant mind Zelemus r wise n learned people ungashlambalati ngobuHostile w r nt lyk da other tribe a maZulu plz kip in mind n buyani batfu bakithsi to yo original Tribe n stop dis obsession of being Zulus/Bhacas u r nt dt bt u da mighty amaZelemu of King Gobiswano Zelemu.

    Mandiso Mhlongo

    August 16, 2015 at 3:38 pm

    Mina ngizàlwa hubaba oliBhaca wakwaGwija,aboGeban kodwa mina ngikhulela kwaMhlongo. Ngiyazi le nsizwa u Mandla Diko no mfowabo uCaphayi.Asazane s ingamaBhaca 0764540872


    October 6, 2015 at 3:38 pm

    They say Ngejane’s are Coloureds is it true?


      October 6, 2015 at 3:38 pm

      Yes Ngejane People are Coloureds they were cuming from Cape Town n Durban during World War II leave alone that they look familiar with Xhosa,Bhaca e.t.c but their background is from the Boers (Amalawu) sorry to mention that name

    Shiyah Ncosa

    January 21, 2016 at 3:38 pm

    Da iNhlangwini of Fodo ka Nombewu ooDlamini wer defited by King Thiba Zulu @ uMzimkhulu n wer under Bhacas.Nb not all Nhlangwinis r Bhacas some r not dey r uDlamini who’s independent.amaZizi who wer fleeing from Shaka sam settled in the Bhaca land n sam deep in xhosa land bamfenguza,dts y u wl find sam if Zizis in Canada Thembuland under Thembus so Tulu dnt Jst argue if u dnt knw abt samtng plz ask

    Shiyah Ncosa

    January 21, 2016 at 3:38 pm

    I meant Cacadu in Thembuland,@ Tulz


    March 11, 2016 at 3:38 pm

    ndiyevuya kakhulu ukhuthfola lelithfuba lokufunza ngemvelaphi yethfu maBhaca, siyabonga kakhulu ngomsebenti omhle,sengathsi singathfola umntfu otasicacisela ngesinxibo samabhaca ke ngk.

    mendy Makhasi

    March 14, 2016 at 3:38 pm

    Ndingumshakazi waka Bhaca.Ngicela ongasiza ngokuthi u Makhasi isithakazelo o Chiyawohlanga Magangadudonga kuvelindlela,ozalwa uNdlamu ka Ghrini ngabase Mzimkhulu.Baphuma kuyiphi indlu onomlado wabo akangiphe.Ngingabonga kakhulu

    Bonga kamakaula kazulu

    March 23, 2016 at 3:38 pm

    we thank you for the history kubalulekil ukuthi sizazi thina mabhaca amahle, siyabonga sithsi uqhubeke njalo wenza lomsebenti muhle kanje.


    April 19, 2016 at 3:38 pm

    Kukhona namaZulu asebhacaland aztshela ukuthi angaMabhaca ngoba bekhulele khona, like oZulu cant be amaZelemu, so nina Mazulu akhulele Kwabhaca funani umlando wenu niyeke ukuhamba nizhloma anisiwona amaBhaca/amaZelemu

      Atha Mdutyana

      April 20, 2016 at 3:38 pm

      Ahhhh ndabezitha sith aboooo


    April 24, 2016 at 3:38 pm

    wow amaBhele amahle ayathinteka kulomlando

    mr siwela

    May 26, 2016 at 3:38 pm

    Mina nGiyezwa buut emzimkhulu akusimabhaca onke ophikayo usengangithinta kule no 0713368937 phela emzimkhulu mampondo iningi labantu baSe mzimkhulu kahle kahle original bhaca kuse mount frere nakhona kodwa akusimabhaca onke eg emandileni mampondo noma bhobho qwidlana konke lokho ukusampndwana comment


    June 3, 2016 at 3:38 pm

    bhacas didn’t defeat the Nhlangwini’s. It is evident because the Nhlangwini nation is still there and will always be and independent, got its own kings and culture


    August 3, 2016 at 3:38 pm

    ngibonga kakhulu ngemvelaphi Jami name ngizokwazi ukuphendula abantu abangibuza ngayo kusukela manje

    S. Vanto

    August 20, 2016 at 3:38 pm

    Is it true that bhaca is the son of mnguni who died in Zambia his elder siblings are Zulu , Xhosa, mpondo, bhaca and thembu that they from Nile in Tanzania


    September 26, 2016 at 3:38 pm

    I m glad to see that the is a website for amabhaca. I m working and grew up at Umzimkhulu of which now is under KwaZulu Natal I am concerned with what the department of arts and culture introduced last year that our kids when they do their cultural activities at school should be in Zulu. What is going to happen to the culture of amabhaca our cultural activities isiBhaca siyaphela who still speak the sibhaca language if we loose the activities kyaphel..


    Lulamile Ncapayi

    October 12, 2016 at 3:38 pm

    Mna ndingu Zulu, uMakaula, uNofisa ongafiyo, uKhalimeshe, Umsunyana ngok’swela wona, uMzukulwna kaManzi. Ndiqhamuka eMount Frere eQhanqu, ezantsi komlambo iKinirha. Umlando wam kusamele ndiwuvelele kuba ndikhulele eQonce andikaze ndiyovela la OoBabomkhulu baleli khona.


      October 13, 2016 at 3:38 pm

      Mna ndingu Zotsho, u Manci, u Nompumza. Ndingavuya kakhulu ukuba kuno bakho umNtu onengcaciso etyebileyo ye ntsuka phi yamaZotsho. Ibaluleke kakhulu kum lento ngoba ndigqithe ezintweni ezinzima kakhulu de ndatshabelwa na yi Mveku. Ndafikelwa nazi Nyosi ndise ntabeni kwi minyaka yobutsha bam. Zaphinda zafika nase mfihlweni wo mntana lo wam. Ndingu Mntu ovele awabone amaZotsho engakhange abe umNtu uyazichaza. Ncedani Gazlam nditsho ukuthi uphuma phi u Zotsho. u Sobhuza ochazayo wabaleka xe ndibona esithi ndihamba na Madoda ka Manci ndinga khange ndizi chaze. u Zotsho osizalayo kule mpuma koloni ngu VEVEZA.

    Mbuso Kazulu Sindiswa Mgwili

    November 27, 2016 at 3:38 pm

    Kwate kwamandekhaya!siyabusa kwiKumkani yakwithsi ngalimtebenzi! Aaaaa Thandsizwe! Aaaa Ndzabezithsa, wena Nombus’akadzelwa!as satisfying as knowing your identity!

    Nozie Njenga kaSiwela

    November 29, 2016 at 3:38 pm

    I like to know about ooSiwela their origin nd also izithakazelo zabo

    TI Mjoli

    December 15, 2016 at 3:38 pm

    Bantu bakithi musani ukulahlekisa okanye ukulahlekisana okanye ukuvuma ukulahlekiswa @ umlando awuqali namhlanje @ukudabuka kwabantu abadabuki ngani okanye ngathi @ funani imilando kuqala ngendabuko ka Wushe omdala no Zelemu omncane abantwana baka Lufulwenja , nazi futhi ukuzaleka kwabo -bazalelwaphi -bakhula kanjani bahlukana kanjani -behlukaniswa yini -ubani omdala , konke loko uma senikwazile niyokwazi ukuthi eyona ngqikithi ngobukhosi bubonke nje buphi , obukabani not yonke lento enihleli niyisho Start from 1485 to 1896 noyithola yonke lento eniyifunayo

    Vuyo Makaula

    December 28, 2016 at 3:38 pm

    Molweni.Kutsiwani ngoMngcisana otalwa

    Vuyo Makaula

    December 28, 2016 at 3:38 pm

    MNA ndinguVuyo
    lotalwa endlini encincu
    kaMngcisana utata
    utalwa ngu Nozigqwaba


    September 24, 2017 at 3:38 pm

    Ubukumkane bamaBhaca bebulawa ikumkane uFaku. Ngakho amabhaca awasenakuzimela njengesiZwe


    October 15, 2017 at 3:38 pm

    Mna ndili Nqolo ogaba ongapheli malanakhaya mathandanandle sibaningi singo Dzanibe qa asiziqamis kuba kumlandosikhona umzimkhulu ungowethu makulumela loku kamla boy

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